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Peak District Gin

Have Us Host a Gin Tasting in Manchester For You!

We host gin tastings in Manchester, the Peak District and throughout the UK. We also host gin and whisky tastings for private parties and at corporate events. We regularly host gin tastings for special occasions such as stag parties or hen parties at large self catering houses and private homes in Manchester and further afield.

Gin Tastings

During our Gin Tastings guests taste 6 gins neat before preparing the perfect serve gin & tonic with garnishes as suggested by the distillers. Our tastings are fun and informative and are enjoyed by those both new to the wonderful world of gin and by seasoned enthusiasts!

Private Gin Tastings in Manchester

As well as our regular scheduled gin tasting events around the UK, we arrange private gin tastings for private parties, stag parties, hen parties, corporate events and for special birthdays. Please contact us here if you would like more information or to book us for a private tasting event. Alternatively please call David on 07875 405 980.

To enquire about a gin tasting in Manchester, or anywhere else in the UK, please call David on the number above or complete and submit the form below and we will get back to you very quickly.


Gin Tasting Hen Party

Our Gin Tastings

When you join one of our gin tastings you can expect it to be a little different. Having worked in the distilling industry for many years, we know that the distiller who has painstakingly crafted the gin before you, wants you to be able to taste the spirit and to appreciate the difference between their gin and those produced by their competitors. The spirit is the heart and soul of any distillery, whether it be destined for a fine single malt whisky or for a premium London dry gin.

Gin tasting in your home

Nosing and Tasting Gin

At the beginning of our tasting I talk guests through the rationale of the choice of glassware that I like to use in comparative spirit tastings. I then demonstrate how to nose, taste and evaluate spirit.  I then ask guests to spend a few minutes nosing the neat gins, and to make a note of any aromas that they detect, there are no right or wrong answers, what one person gets will be completely different to the next.

We nose each of the gins ‘blind’, I don’t reveal the brand name of the gin until later, we then go on to having a taste of each neat gin, again to see if guests identify any particular flavours. We then prepare the gin and tonic using garnishes as suggested by the distiller and enjoy our first drink.

corporate gin tastings

The Gin Garnish and Tonics

I prepare the garnishes as suggested by the distillers for the ‘perfect serve’ for each gin. I always suggest to guests that they should perhaps taste the gin and tonic before garnishing. I believe some garnishes can totally over power the flavour of the gin. I don’t see the point in spending £40 on a special bottle of gin only to mask its character by adding heavily flavoured garnishes or tonic. I think it is similar in a way to how we drink single malt whisky. There is nothing wrong with adding  a large dollop of coca cola to your £50 single malt whisky, it’s just that the end product will taste exactly the same as it would if you had used a £12 blended whisky from the supermarket.

I adopt a similar approach with the choice of tonic for my tastings. There are many tonics on the market to choose from and It is great that people have their own favourites and that it is encouraging consumers to explore the gin category. During a tasting however, it is important that each spirit is tasted in exactly the same way, using the same glassware, some would argue without garnish, and if tonic is being used, exactly the same product for each serve. More often than not, my choice of tonic for my gin tasting events is good old straight forward Fever Tree tonic water.

Once each gin & tonic has been prepared and tasted, I talk about the gin brand and the history of the distillers who make it. I’ll also talk about the production process and botanicals, both traditional and local, used to make each gin.

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Brighton Whisky Tasting Masterclass

Whisky Tasting Brighton

Forthcoming Whisky Tasting Events in Brighton

Our next scheduled whisky tasting masterclass in Brighton will be at The Southern Belle on Saturday 9th June 2018. Guests will enjoy 6 stunning whiskies from around Scotland and the 2 hour tutored tasting will be hosted by former Caol Ila Distillery Manager, David Wood.

This fun and informative whisky tasting is the perfect opportunity to learn all about the history of Scotch whisky and how the UK’s number 1 food export makes the special journey from field to table.

Buy A Ticket For Our Next Whisky Tasting in Brighton

You can buy a ticket for our whisky tasting at The Southern Belle in Hove on 9th June 2018 by clicking the link below.

Buy a ticket for our next whisky tasting in Brighton here!

Brighton Whisky Tastings

Our Recent Single Malt Whisky Tasting in Brighton @ The Belle

25 lucky Brighton folk enjoyed a very special whisky tasting at The Southern Belle in Waterloo Street, Hove, a fantastic pub with a wonderful range of real ales, craft gins, vodkas and of course great single malt whisky all served by a fantastic team of people.

You can stay at The Belle, the rooms are of a really high standard but great value too, some even have sea views! Sunday lunches at the pub have become quite famous across Brighton so if you thinking of trying it out, give the lovely people at The Belle a call to book!

Whisky Masterclass Brighton

Jayne the owner of The Southern Belle very kindly allowed us to use the dining room for our tasting. I presented a flight of 6 tasty whiskies without letting our guests know what each whisky was before they tasted it. Quite often at my whisky tasting masterclasses, I like the guests to do the work and to try to evaluate the special spirits in front of them before I reveal their true identities.

What is Involved in a Whisky Tasting?

I can talk about whisky forever. I have to make sure that I keep to an agenda or else the poor guests would be listening to me until midnight. Usually, as well as tasting 6 awesome whiskies, and as well as having the opportunity to get answers to as many questions about whisky as they like, guests can expect to learn about the following:

  • The definition of single malt whisky
  • Other whisky definitions
  • Ideal glassware
  • Personal preference: Water / Ice / and other controversial subjects!
  • How to taste
  • History of whisky production in the United Kingdom
  • How whisky makes the journey from field to table
  • The whisky boom
  • The future of single malt whisky

Whisky Tastings for Your Christmas Party in Brighton

If you are looking for a special event for your office Christmas party, or for your corporate event in Brighton, please give me a call and we can tailor make a whisky tasting or a gin tasting to fit your needs. If you have any questions at all please call David on 07875 405 980.

Whisky Tasting Corporate


The Set List For Our Whisky Tasting @ The Southern Belle

Craigellachie 2008 / 8 year old bottled by Signatory 43% matured in two bourbon barrels

‘Ayrshire’ Single Grain 1998 / 18 years old bottled by Signatory

Kilchoman Machir Bay, Islay Single Malt, 46%

‘Burnside’ 20 year old bottled by Chorlton Whisky, 51.7% – the favourite dram of the evening

Bunnahabhain Stiuireadair Islay Single Malt Whisky, 46.3%

‘Bealach Ruadh’ 8 year old bottled by Chorlton Whisky, Islay Single Malt, 58%

We’ll be in Brighton next month, this time I’m definitely going to make it to Nowhere Man for some lovely pancakes!