Islay Whisky Festival 2018 Memories

Islay Whisky Festival

We had a great time during the Islay Whisky Festival 2018. We hosted Islay Malt Whisky Masterclasses for more than 120 whisky enthusiasts from around the globe at the Gaelic College in Bowmore and at Islay Studios gallery in Bridgend Square.

Islay Whisky Festival Accommodation

During the Islay Whisky Festival 2018, our group of guests on our Ultimate Islay Whisky Festival Experience stayed on the Dunlossit Estate in Luxury accommodation. They enjoyed 3 meals a day including a 3 course evening meal each day prepared by the talented Catriona McGillivray.

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Islay Whisky Festival Accommodation

Ultimate Islay Whisky Festival Guests

This year on our exclusive trip we were joined by Andrew from Aberdeenshire, Dirk from The Netherlands, Alexander from Norway and Jon and Erez both from Manchester in England.

Islay Whisky Festival Distillery Experiences

The guests picked up festival bottlings wherever they went, the hardest task being to queue right through the night at Bowmore Distillery for the chance to buy a 28 year old single cask Bowmore (only 212 bottles). They made it through the night and were each delighted to be able to buy bottles.

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