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Gin Tastings in Sheffield For You!

We host gin tastings in Sheffield, the Peak District and throughout the UK. We also host gin and whisky tastings for private parties and at corporate events. We regularly host gin tastings in Sheffield for special occasions such as stag parties or hen parties at large self catering houses and private homes in Sheffield and further afield.

Gin Tastings

During our Gin Tastings guests taste 6 gins neat before preparing the perfect serve gin & tonic with garnishes as suggested by the distillers. Our tastings are fun and informative and are enjoyed by those both new to the wonderful world of gin and by seasoned enthusiasts!

Private Gin Tastings in Sheffield

As well as our regular scheduled gin tasting events around the UK, we arrange private gin tastings in Sheffield for private parties, stag parties, hen parties, corporate events and for special birthdays.

Scroll down the page to learn more about what is involved in our gin tastings in Sheffield.

Enquire About a Gin Tasting in Sheffield

To enquire about a gin tasting in Sheffield, or anywhere else in the UK, please call David on 07875 405 980 or complete and submit the form below and we will get back to you very quickly.



Gin Tasting Hen Party

Our Gin Tastings

When you join one of our gin tastings you can expect it to be a little different. Having worked in the distilling industry for many years, we know that the distiller who has painstakingly crafted the gin before you, wants you to be able to taste the spirit and to appreciate the difference between their gin and those produced by their competitors. The spirit is the heart and soul of any distillery, whether it be destined for a fine single malt whisky or for a premium London dry gin.

Gin tasting in your home

Nosing and Tasting Gin

At the beginning of our tasting I talk guests through the rationale of the choice of glassware that I like to use in comparative spirit tastings. I then demonstrate how to nose, taste and evaluate spirit.  I then ask guests to spend a few minutes nosing the neat gins, and to make a note of any aromas that they detect, there are no right or wrong answers, what one person gets will be completely different to the next.

We nose each of the gins ‘blind’, I don’t reveal the brand name of the gin until later, we then go on to having a taste of each neat gin, again to see if guests identify any particular flavours. We then prepare the gin and tonic using garnishes as suggested by the distiller and enjoy our first drink.

corporate gin tastings

The Gin Garnish and Tonics

I prepare the garnishes as suggested by the distillers for the ‘perfect serve’ for each gin. I always suggest to guests that they should perhaps taste the gin and tonic before garnishing. I believe some garnishes can totally over power the flavour of the gin. I don’t see the point in spending £40 on a special bottle of gin only to mask its character by adding heavily flavoured garnishes or tonic. I think it is similar in a way to how we drink single malt whisky. There is nothing wrong with adding  a large dollop of coca cola to your £50 single malt whisky, it’s just that the end product will taste exactly the same as it would if you had used a £12 blended whisky from the supermarket.

I adopt a similar approach with the choice of tonic for my tastings. There are many tonics on the market to choose from and It is great that people have their own favourites and that it is encouraging consumers to explore the gin category. During a tasting however, it is important that each spirit is tasted in exactly the same way, using the same glassware, some would argue without garnish, and if tonic is being used, exactly the same product for each serve. More often than not, my choice of tonic for my gin tasting events is good old straight forward Fever Tree tonic water.

Once each gin & tonic has been prepared and tasted, I talk about the gin brand and the history of the distillers who make it. I’ll also talk about the production process and botanicals, both traditional and local, used to make each gin.

We hope to see you at a tasting soon!

Chin chin


Whisky Tastings In Sheffield

Ardbeg Tour

Private Whisky Tasting in Sheffield

We host private whisky tastings in Sheffield and anywhere in the UK. Whether you are looking for a whisky tasting at home, at your office, in your holiday rental for a special occasion for maybe for a birthday or a stag party, contact us today to discuss a bespoke whisky tasting event. We worked for many years at the coal face of whisky production on the Isle of Islay in Scotland so our tastings are authentic as well as fun!

Whisky Tasting Venue in Sheffield

As well as private whisky tastings in Sheffield, we regularly hosted ticketed events at awesome venues like Picture House Social on Abbeydale Road. If you are looking for a venue where your tasting in Sheffield can be hosted, Picture House Social has a huge cocktail bar, pizza bar and even ping pong and so makes the perfect venue for your get together. This venue also has a private cinema where our tastings usually take place.

Whether you’d like a whisky tasting at your birthday celebration, at your corporate event or even for your stag do, call David on 07875 405 980 for more information or fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

Scroll down for more information on our Sheffield whisky tastings.

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What Are Our Whisky Tastings Like

We host whisky tasting events and masterclasses all over the UK and can arrange a private tasting for any group size at your home, party venue or business address. Our whisky tastings take many formats from regional whisky tastings to rare whisky tastings and we also host whisky dinners.

Your hosts David and Leonie Wood have worked in the whisky industry for many years, recently working at Lagavulin, Caol Ila and Kilchoman distilleries on the Isle of Islay. More recently, David was distillery manager at Caol Ila Distillery. Our tastings are as authentic as can be. Whilst most whisky tastings are hosted by sales reps or brand ambassadors or even people who have never visited a malt whisky distillery, we have worked at the coal face of whisky production making us ideal and extremely knowledgeable hosts for your guests.

Our tastings are fun and informative, they are suitable for the newcomer to the wonderful world of single malt whisky and for the seasoned enthusiast.

Whisky Tasting

Regional Whisky Tasting

Our regional whisky tastings are an imbibing journey around the whisky producing regions of Scotland. Guests enjoy a whisky from the regions of Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, Islands, Campbeltown and Islay. During this tasting we demonstrate the diversity in whisky profiles produced by many distilleries in Scotland.

As part of the regional malt whisky tasting, guests will learn how single malt whisky makes the special journey from field to table. We often take guests on a virtual distillery tour so that we can offer an in-depth explanation about the whisky making process.

whisky tasting

Islay Whisky Tasting

We have lived on Islay and still work on this beautiful island. There are no less than 8 iconic malt whisky distilleries in production on Islay at the moment with a 9th, Ardnahoe Distillery being built right now and rumours of more in planning process. Islay distilleries produce an incredible array of whisky profiles from rich and sweet drams to smokey, medicinal, phenolic, big peaty monsters. There is a dram for everyone on Islay, the whisky isn’t all about the peat. Given our experience at the coal face of whisky production on Islay, we offer a real insight in to what it is like to live and work on the island and an in-depth look at each distillery and the whiskies made there.

This tasting is a must for anyone who is thinking about visiting the magic Isle of Islay. Like all of our tastings it is fun and informative and suitable for the newcomer to single malt whisky and for the seasoned enthusiast.

Rare Whisky Tasting

Our rare whisky tastings showcase whiskies that are hard to find. They may be drams from distilleries that no longer exist, they might be extremely rare distillery only bottlings or limited editions. Often drams in our rare whisky tastings are from single cask bottlings most of which are bottled at natural cask strength.

Islay Whisky Tours

Feis Ile 2018

Whisky Dinner

If you are planning a dinner for your guests we can match each course with the perfect dram. Usually we will talk about the history of Scotch whisky and how whisky is made before dinner and then will introduce each whisky before each course. We’ll explain why we have paired each whisky to each course before guests enjoy their dram with the food.

Contact Us About Your Whisky Tasting

If you are thinking about having a whisky tasting in Sheffield, at your party, business meeting or corporate event, please call David on 07875 405 980 and he will answer all your questions, recommend a package and discuss costs with you.

Get in touch with us today if you would like us to host a very special whisky tasting in Sheffield. Please click here to send an email and we will be back to you as soon as possible.



Accommodation at Feis Ile 2018

Caol Ila Islay Whisky

Would you like to join Distilled Events on Islay During the Islay Whisky Festival, otherwise known as Feis Ile 2018?

Join Our Exclusive Trip @ Feis Ile 2018

We will be hosting an exclusive, week long guided Islay distilleries experience commencing Saturday 26th May 2018.  We are working closely with one of the largest sporting estates on the island to offer the Ultimate Islay Experience for up to 8 very lucky guests who are looking for the very best of what Islay has to offer during the greatest whisky festival in the world.

Feis Ile 2018

Whats Included In The Ultimate Islay Whisky Festival Experience?

  • Luxury traditional farmhouse accommodation with stunning Islay mountain views and roaring fires
  • All food specially prepared for guests including a three course evening meal each day
  • All transport to and from distillery events and transfers to and from the ferry or plane
  • A full itinerary of distillery tours and tastings
  • Myself David Wood, former Caol Ila Distillery Manager as your host for the week
  • The opportunity to fish for wild brown trout on the loch adjacent to the house
  • Deer stalking as an optional extra

Contact Us To Enquire About Joining Us

There is plenty more information below about our all inclusive trip to Islay at this year’s festival. However, we would love to hear from you so fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Bunnahabhain Warehouse Tour

Exclusive Islay Whisky Festival Accommodation

Our guests will be staying in a very large traditional sporting estate house for the entire week. The house is very well equipped and has plenty of space so as to ensure that all guests have privacy. There are spectacular views across Islay from both the library and the dining room, the perfect rooms to relax and have a dram whilst looking for golden eagle and sea eagle which are regularly spotted nearby.

What Is The Cost Of The Ultimate Islay Whisky Festival Experience?

We think that this is an exclusive experience, an opportunity for you to join a small group of whisky enthusiasts at the greatest whisky festival in the world with an industry expert as your host for the week. You will be staying in the very best of accommodation that the island has to offer and you won’t need to make any arrangements for food or transport whilst you are with us on Islay as it will all be provided for you. The price per head is £2365 and we think this represents incredibly good value for money.

tasting whisky

Islay Whisky Festival Distillery Experiences

I shall be putting together a comprehensive itinerary which will ensure that we visit each distillery on their open day during the week so that guests have the opportunity to buy special Islay Whisky Festival bottlings. We will then take part in tours and tastings at all of the distilleries.

Comprehensive Island Tour

During this exclusive trip to Islay, we will ensure that guests see as much of the island as possible in between distillery visits. We’ll take you to all of the islands beauty spots and site of historical interest.

Contact Us

If you would like to make an enquiry about joining our Ultimate Islay Whisky Festival Experience 2018, please complete a contact form below and we will reply to you as soon as possible!

Private Corporate Whisky Tasting London

Private London Tasting

We regularly host corporate whisky tasting masterclasses for businesses and their clients throughout the UK. This week we hosted corporate whisky tastings in both London and Manchester.

Private Whisky Tastings in London

We were invited to host a whisky tasting in Pall Mall, London at the prestigious Royal Automobile Club. During the tasting we entertained employees and clients with a tutored whisky tasting including six stunning hard to find whiskies perfectly paired with canapes specially created to compliment each dram

Authentic Whisky Masterclasses in London

Nobody in London can offer such authentic whisky tastings as we do. David was distillery manager at one of the largest malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, the mighty Caol Ila Distillery on the windswept and beautiful Isle of Islay. He’s lucky enough to have been given the responsibility of choosing whisky for limited edition bottlings and before moving to Islay regularly bottled his own single casks.

Our competitors hosting whisky tastings in London are brand ambassadors or sales representatives and whilst their events are engaging, they cannot offer the authenticity that we do, given our experience at the coal face of whisky production.

When we host a whisky tasting for your clients in London, we’ll be bringing Scotland to you.

Corporate Whisky Tastings in London

We specialise in hosting whisky tastings for any occasion whether it be a private party, a business reception or a corporate event. We can host a whisky tasting for your business in London or anywhere else in the UK. We also host private gin tastings in London.  Our whisky tastings in London are bespoke to every clients needs. Sometimes we host whisky dinners for clients in London, we work closely with the chef to ensure that each course is perfectly paired with each whisky.  If you would like further information about our private tastings or if you would like to check availability, please complete the form below and we will reply to you very quickly.


Private Whisky Event London

Private Whisky Tasting, Royal Automobile Club, London

We hosted a private whisky tasting in London at the Royal Automobile Club this week for a company who were entertaining their clients. We presented six stunning hard to find Scotch whiskies. Each whisky was perfectly paired with canapes.

Private Whisky Tasting London

1. Rest and Be Thankful Whisky Company Glenallachie (Speyside) 2004 Single Cask Single Malt Whisky


This was a stunning dram matured in European oak (cask number 9006411) previously containing sherry and yielding 607 bottles at cask strength (in this case 59.2%). I was told that this was a very special bottle indeed and we were not disappointed. The Glenallachie had a huge fruity nose with blackcurrants and bilberry leading on the nose and a burst of chocolate, raisins and black spangles on the palate. I don’t think the finish has ended even now!

Served with:

Chorizo and sun blushed tomato tartlets, crab beignets with sweet chilli, and tiger prawn tempura with sweet chilli sauce

London Whisky Tasting Clients

2. Chorlton Whisky Company Burnside (Speyside) 20 Year Old Single Cask Single Malt Whisky

Another lovely dram bottled by the Chorlton Whisky Company. This whisky was matured in American oak and bottled at cask strength which in this case was 51.7%. The nose was very fruity displaying citrus and red fruit with pear drops and hessian on the palate. A real treat.

Served with:

Quail egg on parmesan crisp, and cream cheese on Thai asparagus cones

Private Tasting London Whisky

3. Master of Malt Caol Ila (Islay) 6 Year Old Single Cask Single Malt Whisky

An incredible Caol Ila bottled by the guys at Master of Malt, this was intense hallmark Caol Ila, an oily acidic mouthfeel , very smoky on the nose and great with the canapes particularly the fishcake with Thai spices.

Served with:

Smoked Scottish salmon with horseradish, baked new potatoes with creme fraiche, coconut crusted fish cake with Thai spices (!)

London Private Whisky Tasting

4. Douglas Laing’s Bunnahabhain (Islay) Single Minded 8 Year Old Single Cask Single Malt 

This is an incredibly good value single cask whisky bottled by Douglas Laing at 43%. This particular Bunna was matured in a sherry hogshead. A great introduction to Islay whiskies, this Bunnahabhain was made using unpeated malt.

Served with:

Halloumi and red onion filo, Parma ham and gorgonzola crostini

Whisky Tastings London

5. Bowmore (islay) Handfilled Distillery Only Single Cask Single Malt Whisky

I was really looking forward to tasting this very special dram, Bowmore is one of my all time favourites, I was especially looking forward to this one as it had been maturing in a Pedro Ximenez sherry butt for 16 years. The spirit was distilled in 1999 and bottled in 2016, this could only be purchased at the distillery by visiting in person and bottling it straight from the cask. The whisky was bottled at 55.7%. The nose was a fusion of citrus mandarin and smooth butter cream. On the palate there was a burst of blackcurrant with morello cherries and ripe plums, The finish was sweet treacle toffee or bonfire toffee with a little smoke to follow.

Served with:

Tipsy trifle shots and creme brulee

Arrange whisky tasting london

6. Bunnahabhain Moine Marsala Distillery Only Single Malt Whisky

Last but not least by any means was this awesome Bunnahabhain only available to purchase by visiting the distillery itself. There may be a few left at the distillery so go and collect yours! This whisky was distilled in 2004 and bottled in 2017 at 56.6%. It spent it’s whole maturation in marsala casks. The yield of the casks was only 564 bottles. The nose was all about bonfires, dried fruits, toffee and vanilla. On the palate there was ripe grape oak and sweet spice followed by a long rich and smoky, toffee finish.

Whisky Tastings

If you would like to find out more about what is involved in our whisky tastings, please click here for more info. We hope to see you at one of our whisky tastings in London soon.


Reserve Your Tickets For David Wood’s Masterclasses at The Islay Whisky Festival 2018!

Islay Single Malt Whisky Masterclasses With David Wood at Feis Ile 2018

I can’t wait to be back on Islay in May 2018 for the greatest whisky show on Earth where I will once again be hosting a series of exclusive Islay single malt whisky masterclasses. This is an exclusive opportunity to attend a tasting featuring drams from the different distilleries on Islay hosted by a former Caol Ila distillery manager.

I have no links to any distilleries so my tastings give guests an unbiased look in to the distilling industry on Islay. We’ll be tasting some awesome drams , both proprietary bottlings and independently bottled drams.

Reserve Your Tickets For The Masterclasses Here

We are now taking reservations for our masterclasses at Feis Ile 2018. If you would like us to reserve tickets for you, please complete the contact form below stating which tasting you would like to attend. Please get in touch as soon as possible as soon we will have no availability. Let us know how many tickets you would like to reserve and we will be in touch in a few weeks to take payment. Tickets Will be priced at £35 each.

Malt Whisky Masterclass – 2.30pm session 28/05/18 – Gaelic College Bowmore

Malt Whisky Masterclass – 6.30pm session 28/05/18 – Gaelic College Bowmore – Sorry, this event is now sold out

Malt Whisky Masterclass – 6pm session 29/05/70 – Islay Studios Bridgend Square



Whisky Tasting

Whisky tastings

Feis Ile 2018

The 2018 Feis Ile is set to begin on Friday 25th May and run for just over a week until Saturday 2nd June. Just like last year, we will be hosting a number of whisky masterclasses. Our tasting events on Islay are very special because we show whiskies from each of the distilleries as we are not tied to any of them. Our tasting events are therefore biased to one thing, Islay whiskies!

Feis Ile 2018

Feis Ile

Guided Islay Whisky Festival Distilleries Experience

Are you looking for accommodation during the Islay Festival 2018? We are offering 8 lucky guests the opportunity of joining us on our week long Guided Islay Distilleries Experience beginning on Saturday 26th May. This is an exclusive opportunity for up to 8 people to enjoy the ultimate Islay experience hosted by myself David Wood, former Caol Ila Distillery Manager?

Whats included in the Guided Islay Distilleries Experience at Islay Whisky Festival 2018?

  • Luxury accommodation for up to 8 guests in a very large traditional farmhouse on one of the largest sporting estates on Islay with mountain views and roaring fires
  • All food during the week including a three course meal each evening
  • All transport whilst on Islay
  • A full itinerary of distillery tours and tastings
  • An industry expert as your host

The all inclusive price per head is £2365 which we think offers tremendous value for what is a very special experience.

If you are interested in joining us on this whisky trip of a lifetime, please contact us here

Feis Ile 2018 Distillery Events

There are currently 8 distilleries on Islay, and soon to be 9 once the new Ardnahoe Distillery is built. There is also a distillery on Jura, the neighbouring island, Jura Distillery. The other distilleries which will be holding special events throughout the week are Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain, Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Bowmore, Kilchoman, Laphroaig and Jura.

The distillery events programmes tend to be released a couple of months before the whisky festival commences. Once published, you will be able to book tickets for events at each distillery, but be sure to keep an eye out as they book up very quickly!

We hope to see you at one of our tasting events at Feis Ile 2018!

Slainte and happy drams!


Feis Ile 2018

Islay Whisky Tours