Terms and Conditions

Distilled Events Terms and Conditions – Distillery Experiences

1) Travel

Distilled Events are not Tour Operators. It is likely that your participation in the Events we host will involve you travelling some distance to the Event location. Whilst we will endeavour to provide all such practical advice and free assistance as we are able to in relation to your travel arrangements, we do not provide packaged travel services to Islay or elsewhere under this contract or otherwise. In providing any guidance, we act in a non-contracting advisory capacity only, and we are neither agents on your behalf nor on behalf of travel providers, with whom any contracts you enter into are direct between you and them. We may provide transport between aspects of the Event once at and whilst on location; and we are insured to do so. You should ensure that all other travel (ie: to the event location and off-site) is properly insured by you; and we suggest that such insurance includes cover for losses sustained due to cancellation or delay due to adverse weather or events and similar. Distilled Events does not accept liability for any loss or disappointment incurred as a result of your not so doing.

2) Event

Distilled Events act as a host and practical administrators of each Event. In so doing, we may act as your agents or as booking agents for the activities & accommodation providers involved; according to the nature, requirements and components of each specific Event. We shall endeavor to assist in the continuity of each aspect of the Event; and where appropriate, we shall be deemed to be authorized by you with regards to making the necessary arrangements as between you and any third party supplying services or components of the Event. The cost of each stated component element of the Event is comprised in the aggregate Price quoted and charged to you for the Event. For the avoidance of doubt, Distilled Events are remunerated inter alia by their receipt of block-book discounts obtained from providers of the component parts of an Event; and where such discounts are obtained by Distilled Events as your agent, you agree that such sums will be retained by Distilled Events as part of their fee. Otherwise, it is understood and agreed that part of the Price paid by you in respect of your participation of the Event will be paid to Distilled Events in respect of their providing host services to you during the course of the Event.

3) Booking & Payment

By making your booking, you are entering into an agreement that is a legal contract upon which we are likely to rely in entering into further legally binding agreements with others, including other participants of/at the Event, and the providers of component parts of the Event. Consequently, the deposit paid by you is non-refundable in the first instance. If you cannot attend the Event and the booking cannot be re-allocated, you are still liable to pay for the booking in full, even if we have not yet received your balance. If we do succeed in re-selling the booking at full price, we will refund any balance over and above the deposit to you if you have already paid it. Please note that your deposit is not refundable under any circumstances save where we cannot provide all of the components of the Event or comparable alternatives. We would recommend that you take out cancellation insurance to cover the risk of loss of deposit and/or full price.

4) Acceptance

When we receive your deposit we will consider that you have booked a place(s) at the Event and accepted the terms of this agreement. We will then issue a receipt for your deposit and subsequently a further invoice in respect of the balance of the Price. All bookings must be fully paid for in full at least 6 weeks before the first day of the Event in respect of which you have booked a place(s). Where a booking is made by you on behalf of a number of participants in an Event you are deemed to be the Lead Booker, and it is agreed that in so booking places you are confirming and accepting these terms & conditions on behalf of the other participants on behalf of whom you have tendered a deposit. We are not liable in relation to any disputes between a Lead Booker and those he/she represents. Any Lead Booker is responsible for providing to us the correct and full details of all participants on whose behalf they place a booking for. The Lead Booker confirms that he/she has the express authority of all other participants they make bookings for to act on their behalf, and that he/she has conveyed these terms and conditions. The Lead Booker is liable for all costs and charges on behalf of the party.

5) Cancellation of Event

We will only cancel and Event for reasons beyond our reasonable control, or moreover where a series of such reasons make the Event unviable. Where individual components of the Event cannot be arranged as anticipated or advertised, we shall endeavor to arrange an equivalent component of similar quality and value, and we reserve the right to do so. Where the anticipated or advertised accommodation and other components became unviable or impossible to obtain we will attempt to offer you suitable alternatives (of which we would notify you in advance of the Event). If this was not possible, or unacceptable to you, then we would refund all monies paid by you. Our liability would not extend beyond this refund.

6) Conduct at Events

Distilled Events (and venue owners) reserve the right to immediately terminate the services they are contractually obliged to provide to you if they, their employees or agents, or any other appropriate person in authority in any place or on any vehicle or craft, judge your behavior to be likely to cause distress or harm to other participants or to any other person or property. If because of such behavior you are prevented from continuing to participate in the Event, our obligations under our agreement with you will terminate immediately. In which case, we will not be liable to you for any refund or compensation for any unanticipated costs or losses which you may sustain.

7) Liability

Distilled Event’s liability (except in cases involving death, injury or illness arising directly due to the negligence of Distilled Events) shall be limited to a sum equivalent to the Price paid by the participant concerned for the event. We will not be liable where you or persons connected with you (and connected with us) cause any failure in the performance of the agreement. Our liability will also be limited in accordance with and/or in an identical manner to the contractual terms of any provider of any component part of the Event. Those terms are incorporated into this contract.

8) Disabled Participants

Our ambition is to provide a high quality Event to all our customers. However we are not a specialist operator of Events for individuals with special needs. Many of the Event locations and much of the private accommodation that we arrange are not ideally suitable for the less able. If you have specific needs, please disclose and discuss these with us before booking. We will endeavor to accommodate you if we are practically able to. Otherwise, we cannot be held responsible for any disappointment or difficulties encountered due to the unsuitability of the facilities.

9) Facilities and Advertised Facilities

During the course of our advertising the Event(s) or during the Event itself we may make reference to certain Elective Options that can be arranged during the course of the Event. Typically, we might offer you the opportunity to visit local places of interest, hostelries, and similar. Such opportunities are not covered within the Price agreed between us unless stated beforehand. All ancillary charges, entrance fees, refreshment fees, and similar, made by or to third parties in connection with such opportunities are payable by you to them, and are not covered within the Price paid for the Event. Where Elective Options are supplied wholly by a third party, and Distilled Events do not direct or host those activities, the supply of that Elective Option is a separate contract between you and the third party provider. The accommodation arranged during the Event does not necessarily include meals or refreshments unless otherwise advertised and/or confirmed to you beforehand. If in any doubt, please check. We can assist or advise in the obtaining of suitable provisions locally where asked to do so beforehand. All food cooked or prepared by you, or arrangement with any other participant or group of participants, is consumed at your own risk. All accommodation must be left in a reasonable and clean condition upon your departure. We reserve the right to pass on to you and recover from you any surcharges levied by accommodation providers where this requirement is not met. Accommodation may not be occupied by more than the number of participants for whom you have made a booking, unless by prior arrangement.

12) Force Majeure

We will not be liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: Riots, Political Unrest, Hostilities, War or threat of War, Terrorist Activity, Industrial Disputes, Fire, Flood, Weather, Closure of Ports, Weather conditions or any other event(s) beyond our control. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to cover such risks.

13) Jurisdiction

These terms and this agreement is subject to English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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