Distillery Experiences

We arrange hosted events in Scotland for people who would like to visit a distillery or two. Theres nothing like enjoying a dram at the distillery where your favourite whisky is made, or even in the warehouse where it was matured. We put together the itinerary, host special tastings at wonderful locations and ensure your visit will be one that you will remember for ever.

Here are some pics from recent trips:

Here is an itinerary of a recent 4 night Guided Islay Distilleries Experience to give you an idea of what is involved.

MONDAY 03/04/17

8.25pm            Ferry arrives at Port Ellen Islay

8.30pm            Guests collected by Islay Taxis Minibus from Port Ellen Ferry Terminal

9.00pm            Guests arrive at the farmhouse, rooms allocated on arrival

9.30pm            Welcome drams in the drawing room

TUESDAY 04/04/17

9.00am             Minibus collects guests

10.00am           ARDBEG DISTILLERY. Distillery tour followed by Full Range Tasting

12.10pm            Minibus collects guests from Ardbeg

1.00pm            BRUICHLADDICH DISTILLERY. Distillery tour followed by Warehouse Experience

3.30pm            Minibus collects guests from Bruichladdich Distillery

4.00pm           KILCHOMAN DISTILLERY. Brief visit to shop, weather dependent trip to Machir Bay

5.30pm            Minibus returns guests to farmhouse

WEDNESDAY 05/04/17

8.30am            Minibus collects guests

9.30am            LAGAVULIN DISTILLERY. Distillery tour followed by Warehouse Experience

12.15pm           Minibus collects guests from Lagavulin. Visit Kildalton Cross and Claggan Bay

2.00pm            LAPHROAIG DISTILLERY. Distillery Tour

3.30pm            Minibus collects guests from Laphroaig

4.00pm            Visit Finlaggan Castle

5.00pm            Minibus returns guests t farmhouse

THURSDAY 06/04/17

8.30am            Minibus collects guests from farmhouse

9.30am            CAOL ILA DISTILLERY. Distillery Tour

10.45am          Minibus collects guests from Caol Ila. En route to Bunnahabhain chance to see new site of Ardnahoe Distillery.

11.30am          BUNNAHABHAIN DISTILLERY. Tour and Warehouse Experience

2.00pm           Minibus collects guests from Bunnahabhain

2.30pm           BOWMORE DISTILLERY. Distillery Tour

03.45pm         Minibus collects guests

4.30pm           Peat cutting

5.00pm           Minibus collects guests and returns to farmhouse

FRIDAY 07/04/17

8.30am            Minibus collects guests from farmhouse and takes to port for ferry departure


Caol Ila stillhouse, Isle of Islay