Single Malt Whisky Tasting Experience in Sheffield

Bruichladdich Warehouse

Join us at our favourite venue in Sheffield, Picture House Social for our Single Malt Whisky Tasting Experience. This exclusive whisky tasting in Sheffield will be hosted by myself, David Wood.

Whisky Tasting in Sheffield

The whisky tasting will take place at 6pm on Saturday 8th September at Picture House Social, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield. Picture House Social is a great venue with an awesome cocktail bar. There is also a pizza bar serving delicious pizzas and there is are table tennis tables so you can ping pong the night away after the whisky tasting!

During the tasting I will present six quality single malt whiskies from around Scotland. I’ll talk all about the history of Scotch and how it is made.

Feis Ile

Here are the topics we will cover during the tasting:

  • The history of Scotch whisky
  • Nosing, tasting and comparing different spirits
  • The importance of glassware
  • Water, ice, coca cola and other controversial subjects!
  • Categories of whisky including the definition of single malt whisky
  • The whisky producing regions of Scotland
  • Barley malting process and peat
  • Mashing and fermentation
  • Distilling and the importance of copper and spirit cut
  • Maturation and wood policy
  • Ages statements vs no age statements
  • Scotch whisky brands
  • The Scotch whisky boom and new distilleries
  • Whisky and food matching

Whisky Tasting in Sheffield Tickets

Tickets for this exclusive whisky tasting are available here:



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