Book a Whisky Tasting Experience!

Whisky Tastings

Would you like a whisky tasting at your office or a whisky tasting at home? I host private whisky tastings for corporate events and for private parties anywhere in the UK. Whether you are in London or Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh, I will come to you to host your exclusive and bespoke single malt whisky tasting experience.

Private Whisky Tastings

My whisky tastings are different to those hosted by my competitors. My whisky tasting experiences are authentic. I’ve lived and worked at the coal face of spirit distilling. I have managed iconic malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, so when I talk to you about whisky, it is with passion and experience. I will not try to sell you anything other than beautiful Scotland and the wonderful gift to the world, Scotch whisky.

I don’t work for any brands, I’m not a sales representatives and I’m not a brand ambassador but what I very much am is incredibly passionate about good single malt Scotch whisky. When I host your whisky tasting for you I will present to you whiskies that I love.

Whisky and Chocolate Tasting Experience

I also host whisky and chocolate pairing tasting experience. This is a great way to introduce people who think they don’t like whisky to whisky! We use luxurious handmade chocolates procured from The Highland Chocolatier in Grandtully, Pitlochry in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

What to Expect From Our Private Whisky Tasting Experiences

  • Hosted by by myself David Wood former Caol Ila Distillery Manager and whisky bottler
  • A tasting of at least six single malt whiskies from around Scotland
  • You’ll hear about the history of the Scotch whisky industry
  • A look into how whisky makes the incredible journey from field to table
  • How to taste whisky and choosing glassware
  • A fun and factual event exploring Scotch whiskies whilst avoiding the usual anecdotes

Enquire About A Whisky Tasting

If you would like more information about our private whisky tastings, or if you would like a quote or to book us for your private whisky event, please don’t hesitate to call David on 07875 405 980 or complete the contact form below and we will get back to you very quickly.

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