Exclusive Whisky Tastings in Glasgow

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We host whisky tasting events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Our clients in Glasgow and Edinburgh require different whisky tasting solutions for different occasions so when you book with us we will design and host a tasting that fits perfectly with your needs. If you are arranging a private party, an event, meeting or conference our whisky tastings are a great way to entertain guests or delegates, we engage with people bringing the world of single malt whisky to life whilst they network with suppliers, customers or colleagues.

Whisky Tastings in Glasgow

As well as working in the whisky industry for many years, we have worked at the coal face of whisky production. Our experience comes from operations management in iconic Scottish distilleries such as Caol Ila Distillery, Lagavulin Distillery and Kilchoman Distillery on the island of Islay in the Hebrides. When we host a whisky tasting for you, you can be sure that it will be as authentic as can be.

What to Expect at a Whisky Tasting in Glasgow

  1. Our hosts are knowledgable, experienced, and passionate. They’ve worked in iconic malt whisky distilleries in Scotland.
  2. We hand pick single malt whiskies from around Scotland chosen firstly for their quality but also they are always drams that are close to our hearts.
  3. As a delicious optional extra we can pair the whiskies with beautiful handmade chocolates from The Highland Chocolatier from Grandtully near Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands.
  4. All glassware is provided.
  5. We’ll liaise with you and the venue to ensure that we deliver the perfect whisky tasting for your guests.

Enquire about a Whisky Tasting in Glasgow or Edinburgh

If you would like more information about a whisky tasting in Scotland for your private party meeting, conference or corporate event please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please call David Wood on 07875 405 980 or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be back to you very quickly.

If you are interested in more information about our whisky tastings in London please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Private Corporate Whisky Tasting Glasgow

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We regularly host corporate whisky tasting masterclasses for businesses and their clients throughout the UK. We would love to host an exclusive whisky tasting masterclass for your corporate event or business function in Glasgow.

Private Whisky Tastings in Glasgow

We regularly host exclusive corporate whisky tastings in Glasgow, in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Wherever you are in Glasgow, we’ll come to your venue to host the whisky tasting. We provide everything you need to make your whisky tasting in Glasgow a success, we provide all the glassware, the tasting notes and of course the whisky!

Authentic Whisky Masterclasses in Glasgow

Nobody in Glasgow can offer such authentic whisky tastings as we do. I was distillery manager at one of the largest malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, the mighty Caol Ila Distillery on the windswept and beautiful Isle of Islay. I’m lucky enough to have been given the responsibility of choosing whisky for limited edition bottlings and before moving to Islay regularly bottled my own single casks. Its a difficult job but someone has to do it!

Our competitors who host whisky tastings in Glasgow are brand ambassadors or sales representatives and whilst their events are engaging, they cannot offer the authenticity that we do, given our experience at the coal face of whisky production.

When we host a whisky tasting for your clients in Glasgow you can be sure that they’ll be enjoying a truly authentic whisky experience.

Corporate Whisky Tastings in Glasgow

We specialise in providing whisky tastings for any occasion whether it be at a party, a business reception or a corporate event. We can host a whisky tasting for you in Glasgow or anywhere else in Scotland. We also host private gin tastings in Glasgow.  Our whisky tasting events in Glasgow are bespoke to our clients needs. We host whisky dinners for for corporate events in Glasgow, we work closely with the chef to ensure that each course is perfectly paired with each whisky.  If you would like further information about our private tastings or if you would like to check availability, please complete the form below and we will reply to you very quickly.


Our Whisky Tastings

Our tastings are fun and informative, they are suitable for the newcomer to the wonderful world of single malt whisky and for the seasoned enthusiast.

Whisky Tasting

Regional Whisky Tasting

Our regional whisky tastings are an imbibing journey around the whisky producing regions of Scotland. Guests enjoy a whisky from the regions of Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, Islands, Campbeltown and Islay. During this tasting we demonstrate the diversity in whisky profiles produced by many distilleries in Scotland.

As part of the regional malt whisky tasting, guests will learn how single malt whisky makes the special journey from field to table. We often takes guests on a virtual distillery tour so that we can offer an in-depth explanation about the whisky making process.

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Islay Whisky Tasting

We have lived on Islay and still work on this beautiful island. There are no less than 8 iconic malt whisky distilleries in production on Islay at the moment with a 9th, Ardnahoe Distillery being built right now and rumours of more in planning process. Islay distilleries produce an incredible array of whisky profiles from rich and sweet drams to smokey, medicinal, phenolic, big peaty monsters. There is a dram for everyone on Islay, the whisky isn’t all about the peat. Given our experience at the coal face of whisky production on Islay, we offer a real insight in to what it is like to live and work on the island and an in-depth look at each distillery and the whiskies made there.

This tasting is a must for anyone who is thinking about visiting the magic Isle of Islay. Like all of our tastings it is fun and informative and suitable for the newcomer to single malt whisky and for the seasoned enthusiast.

Rare Whisky Tasting

Our rare whisky tastings showcase whiskies that are hard to find. They may be drams from distilleries that no longer exist, they might be extremely rare distillery only bottlings or limited editions. Often drams in our rare whisky tastings are from single cask bottlings most of which are bottled at natural cask strength.

Feis Ile 2018

Whisky Dinner

If you are planning a dinner for your guests we can match each course with the perfect dram. Usually we talk about the history of Scotch whisky and how whisky is made before dinner and then will introduce each whisky before each course. We will explain why we have paired that whisky to that particular course before guests enjoy their dram with the food.

Contact Us About Your Whisky Tasting

If you are thinking about having a whisky tasting at your party, business meeting or corporate event, please call David on 07875 405 980 and he will answer all your questions, recommend a package and discuss costs with you.

Get in touch with us today if you would like us to host a very special whisky tasting at your event.