Gin Tastings Leek

Feis Ile Masterclass

We now host regular gin tastings in and around our home town of Leek and further afield in the UK.

Specialised Gin Tastings

The gin industry, just like the whisky industry is in boom mode now with craft distilleries popping up around every corner. We show gins from all over the UK but with our connection to the whisky industry, you can forgive us for being a little biased towards the north of the border!

If you would like us to host an event for you in Leek or further afield, whether it be for your customers, a group of friends, an office party, a business function or for staff training. Please call David on 07875 405 980 and he’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


Local Gin Tastings Around Staffordshire

Gin Tasting Experience, The Holy Inadequate, Etruria, 23rd August. Click here for tickets

Gin Tasting Experience, Spout Brew House, 29th August. Click here for tickets

Gin Tasting Experience, Sanctuary Ale House, Hartshill, 18th September. Click here for tickets

Click here for all our scheduled whisky / gin tasting events


Authentic Gin Tastings about Gin

Our gin tastings are about the gin, not about cocktails. Having worked for many years in the distilling industry, we know that the distiller wants you to enjoy and appreciate the spirit character as much as the gin and tonic. Spirit character is often lost in G&Ts that are over garnished or mixed with heavily flavoured tonics. During the evening you will make up gin and tonics that allow the spirit character to come through and tell you a little about itself and about it’s provenance and botanicals.


How our Gin Tasting Events work

  • Learn how to taste and compare gins
  • Selecting the best glassware
  • About tonic and garnish
  • The importance of provenance and botanicals
  • The history of gin
  • Classifications of gin
  • How gin makes the journey from field to table, not just from ethyl alcohol to table
  • Enjoy 6 delicious gin and tonics
  • Virtual distillery tour


Book a Gin Tasting

If you would like to discuss a gin tasting evening, a gin dinner or a whisky event, please don’t hesitate to call David on 07875 405 980.

gin tasting leek

gin tasting leek

Gin Tasting Leek

whisky tasting






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