Gin Tastings Near You!

Peak District Gin

We are looking forward to a busy period of gin tastings in the next few weeks, all of which feature awesome craft gins from Scotland and England. We hope that you will join us on one of our gin tasting events, we can also arrange gin tastings in your own home for you and your friends.

Our Gin Tastings

Our gin tastings are a little different. We talk about gins from a distillers point of view. We are not bartenders, mixologists or brand ambassadors. We’ve worked at the coal face of spirit distilling, we understand the industry, the history and the production processes that make our spirits, whether they be wonderful craft London Gins or very special single malt whiskies.

Here is what to expect at our Gin Tasting Experiences:

  • A demonstration of how to nose and taste spirit
  • The benefits of careful choice of glassware
  • A short explanation of the history of the gin industry
  • A look into how gin is made
  • You’ll enjoy a virtual distillery tour
  • Guests taste 6 craft gins neat before mixing the perfect serve gin and tonic with garnishes as suggested by the distillers

gin tastings in your home

The Rise of Craft Gin

The craft gin business is booming right now. Every venue that we visit to host tasting events has dozens of beautifully designed bottles on their shelves. Many of the gins have their own glasses to show off their particular gins, with their very own perfect serves. In our local pubs on a Friday and Saturday night, many more people are making a gin and tonic their tipple of choice.

During the last 20 or so years, when it comes to alcoholic drinks, as consumers we’ve been much more willing to explore flavours, especially strong and different flavours. We are much more willing to spend a little more on premium luxury drinks products, we are entertaining more at home, and we are enjoying sharing these with friends, whether they be classy single malt whiskies or premium craft gins.

corporate gin tastings

The whisky industry is flat out in production, never before has the UKs number one food export been in such demand. New craft distilleries are opening all over the United Kingdom and are distilling gin as well as whisky. By law, Scotch whisky must be matured for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks, which can have a serious cash flow implication particularly if your lovely new build distillery has just cost you £20million pounds to build. As soon as your distillery is built and your stills in operation, gin can be distilled, bottled and off to market within days, and cash can reach the till almost from day one of your new adventure whilst your whisky casks sleep in their warehouses.

Forthcoming Gin Tastings

We host gin tastings all over the UK. Every month there will be gin tasting experiences on our tasting and events page. Please click here to see our forthcoming events including gin tastings near you.

Gin tasting in your home

Gin tastings at home


We always show 6 gins at our Gin Tasting Experiences. Guests taste them all neat before mixing the perfect serve gin and tonic. Having worked at distilleries, we know that distillers want you to be able to taste their spirit, we will be mixing their suggested perfect serve whilst ensuring that we don’t over garnish or use tonics with over powering flavours. The spirit, whether it be gin or new make spirit for whisky, is the character and soul of the distillery and it is always important to ensure that it is not lost.

All of our gins in the near future will feature One Gin, Cadenhead’s Old Raj Saffron Infused Dry Gin (55%abv) and The Botanist Islay Gin. We lived and worked on the Isle of Islay in Scotland and Botanist gin is very close to our hearts as it is distilled on this beautiful island!

Gin Tastings at home


If you would like any further information about our scheduled tasting events or if you would like to discuss the possibility of us hosting a tasting in your own home, at your party or at your corporate event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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